Software Solutions

Starting with User interface design, authentication and bill processing methods, we offer flexible and creative software solutions to customers. Besides billing & authentication, the software suite includes comprehensive reporting and analysis of revenue & usage patterns, and also proactive failure tracking and analysis. We possess In-house capability to develop maintain, customize and upgrade software

Our Hospitality software:

We specifically designed this software for the hospitality industry which is being highly appreciated by Guests, Hoteliers and even by other service providers such as TATA, MTNL, BSNL, Reliance, Airtel to use on their networks. The demand is growing and has crossed Indian boundaries, the software and solution is installed in Dubai, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Muscat, UK and soon reaching to the other parts of the globe. The software is purely in-house designed for the hospitality industry, and it uniquely integrates both the billing and hotel operations system. It is designed to enrich guests’ experience, and provide hotelier with highly flexible billing options and web based management to view and export the reports

User login is facilitated by one of the following methods:

  • Onsite support staff provides the first level support. (L1)
  • Regional support team provides the second level support. (L2)
  • Pre-paid cards

Internet Plans offered :

  • Time based (Validity in: minutes, hours, days, weeks, month)
  • Bandwidth based (Speed in Mbps starting with 1 Mb upwards)

Service Desk Application

Our software solution also includes a user friendly service desk application to handle support tickets with all the threads of communication starting with the original ticket (request) and responses , respective escalations consolidated into a single view, making it easy for the support team to have all the information at a glance. Service desk consists of ticketing system, hotel call log system, etc.

In addition to the above hospitality related software, we have also developed applications to handle a visitor Internet access for the corporate enterprises, as well a two tier level security software based authentication mechanism for educational campuses.

Lab Management System

Manage all the PCs and processes in your lab by using our state of the art software.

Service Management Solution

Manage service activities in areas like automobile, consumer electronics etc. by connecting customer and service activities.

  • Improve customer satisfaction, improve turn arounds and monitor your service staff’s performance.
  • Manage staffing based on data analysis on peak and low time.• Manage staffing based on data analysis on peak and low time.

Online Test [i]nteractive System

A solution to conduct excel based tests from instructor’s PC to the students’ PC.

I Know U

A digital tracker solution to enroll and manage students in a class by the instructor.

Exchange students’ Coaching System

A digital solution for members of the university to plan and coach the exchange students to complete course.

Academic Advice & Planning

A digital counselling solution for councilors to view student’s exam history semester wise and provide a plan to the student to graduate with the chosen Major within the required semester.

Digital Intake Form

A digital solution to avoid any paper application form to enroll patients arriving in a hospital, clinic or in a similar institution.

  • Collect data easily through a handheld device from patients.
  • Digital records to save bundles of paper storage
  • Easy to track for future reference.

Digital Hiring Form

A solution to easily capture interviewee details in any device and manage interview procedure and activities.

  • Digital form and data capture, so save bundles of paper storage. Go Green!!
  • Capture photo
  • Capture digital signature
  • Admin mode to view and update status and other details after interviews.

Feedback Collection System

Collect feedback easily from any device to analyze and improve internal operations and customer satisfaction. Use this to your advantage and retain loyal and also attract new customers.

Game based solutions

We can create various game based solutions, for example, to collect data. Currently we offer a game based survey questionnaire to collect data from students. This can be used by instructors for their PhD programs.

Website design & development

Trailing with a list of very satisfied customers, we can create a responsive website with attractive features and design for all your needs.

From professional businesses type websites to a personal portfolio, we can cater all segments to bring your business alive.

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