Health Care

Hospital segment with no doubt is growing exponentially and they all want to embrace Wi-Fi internet access for their doctors, visitors and patients who stay for treatments.

We identify and recognizes this need and offers the following technology related solutions to the healthcare industry

1) Wi-Fi Solution to Hospitals:

  • We provide a complete End to End secure WiFi network facilitating Integration with Hospital Management Information System.Network segregation between doctors/ staff patients /Visitors can also be done by creating different SSIDs and VLANs for different category of users
  • Also a separate Captive portal for each category of users adhering total compliance to DoT

2) BYOD incorporated with WiFi :

Increase in penetration of mobile devices like Smartphone, tablets, etc has prompted the emergence and widespread use of BYOD(Bring your own device)

Our BYOD Solution Features

  • In house developed Application Delivery Controller (ADC) - handles authentication, DHCP, and login page creation
  • Active Directory Server for creating user profiles
  • Complete Integration with Hospital Management Information System(HMIS)
  • Flexible and customized BYOD policies in consultation with client

3) RTLS( Real time Location system) solution for asset and people tracking

We partner with Ekahau –Most advanced RTLS System

  • Asset Tracking –Asset Tags
  • Staff Tracking-Staff Badge/Paper
  • Patient Tracking-Wristband Tags
  • Sensor Tracking-Temperature Tags
  • Telemetry-Smart Tags for WiFi enabled devices
  • These systems assist in tracking:
  • Where Resources are Located (Assets, People)
  • What Resources are Doing
  • When Resources are Used or require attention

IPTV Integration software

Our customizable IPTV software boasts of the following features:

  • Genre based TV Channel categories for easy navigation
  • Digital Quality SD / HD TV Channels
  • Internet on TV
  • Interactive & Innovative Hotel Information
  • PMS Integration for billing
  • Play “YouTube” videos
  • Play online and offline games
  • Customized UI interface for hotel specific (Like Logo, colours and picture)
  • Can integrate with multiple input source (Satellite, Live Camera, IP Stream, DVD player and etc)
  • RF remote-There is no need of line of sight with device (IR based remote need LOS)
  • Easy management (software upgrade, Add/Remove channels, monitoring etc.)

Integration with PMS

Our hospitality software interfaces are available for integration with a whole wide range of PMSs viz. *CLS *Micros Fidelio *Opera * Springer Miller *Win HMS *IDS *Amadeus

We have a powerful interface which facilitates the following guest Internet billing features:

  • Automated discounting based on the company name/code
  • Long Staying Guest Discounts
  • Discounts based on Membership Type
  • Charges based on Package Plan code/No bill for complimentary Internet
  • Special rates/discounts based on Room category
  • Discounts for Groups or Crews - Bandwidth management based on Group, Company and Room category

Digital Intake Form

A digital solution to avoid any paper application form to enroll patients arriving in a hospital, clinic or in a similar institution.

  • Collect data easily through a handheld device from patients.
  • Digital records to save bundles of paper storage
  • Easy to track for future reference.

Digital Hiring Form

A solution to easily capture interviewee details in any device and manage interview procedure and activities.

  • Digital form and data capture, so save bundles of paper storage. Go Green!!
  • Capture photo
  • Capture digital signature
  • Admin mode to view and update status and other details after interviews.
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