We are a home grown, powerful 'Operational Systems and Support' ‘OSS’ module that enables easy, centralized administration of large Wi-Fi installations. Various administration tasks such as client management, hotspot management, coupon creation etc., can be done remotely, using a single interface. Similarly, we also provides a 'Billing Systems and Support' ‘BSS’ module that supports, a variety of billing systems. Billing can be done through Pre-Paid and Post-Paid coupons, or can be online and automatically integrated with the entity. Features include roaming, location dependent billing, and in-bound and out bound roaming with other service providers and so on.

As part of this service we also handles several important functions like:

Mobile Wi-Fi Offload: Smart phones and Mobile enabled terminals have changed the future of the mobile Internet. 3G Mobile providers worldwide are seeing a surge in data traffic volumes. The surge although not entirely unexpected, poses serious challenges, both technical & commercial. Wi-Fi or Hotspots could be part of the solution to decrease the load of the 3G network, by offloading the surge in data traffic. All smart phones without exception have WLAN as a standard feature and most support SIM based authentication, a crucial feature for enabling seamless mobile-to-WLAN offload, this is called EAP-SIM or EAP-AKA authentication. The solution includes the integration with the access point or base station, metering, rating & charging of mobile data traffic (or integrating with an existing billing solution) to public & private WiFi networks LTE Billing, Policy control and AAA for LTE and VOIP too.

Our OSS/BSS has been deployed over many years in the following environment :

  • Service Provider Environment: For service providers to provide Wi-Fi services such as hotspots covering public locations such as coffee shops, airports, residences, and enterprise locations. Features include roaming, location dependent billing, in-bound and out bound roaming with other service providers and so on.
  • Hospitality Environment: Our OSS/BSS are deployed in the largest number of premium hotels in India. Since we are the market leader in the Premium Hospitality segment it is practically ubiquitous in this segment. Deployments are in India as well as internationally (Middle East, Europe, Sri Lanka and Maldives)
  • Enterprise Customers: Our innovative Visitor Wi-Fi provisioning system combined with Internal Users is deployed in multiple campuses of Infosys, Vodafone (previously Hutch) and many more
  • Hotspot/Public Locations environments: Such as Airports, Malls, and Coffee Shops etc.

Our major strength lies in providing Customization Services to meet Complex Customer Requirements.

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