We have also established it’s foray in the enterprises vertical by providing Secure Enterprise Wi-Fi and wirelesss solutions, deployed for large campuses of Infosys, Vodafone, L&T etc, surveillance for the St Gobain factory premises outside Chennai.

We offer the following solutions to our esteemed enterprise customers:

BYOD Management

BYOD continues to remain top of mind in the workplace. While many in IT see BYOD as a necessary (and that's debatable) evil that opens the network up to incalculable security risk, users see it as the next logical step for their productivity and efficiency. The right BYOD program depends on the unique needs for a particular organization. But no matter what sort of program is implemented, it shouldn't be done without first setting up a series of guidelines and best practices.

A pioneer in BYOD management having already implemented at more than 100 mission critical sites, offers this service, by enforcing access policies to BYOD devices with the use of its proven state of the art BYOD solution. These policies vary according to the customer requirements and work environment and can be totally customized to meet any diverse needs.

WiFi and WLAN solutions:

We provide High Availability Mode deployment options to increase service availability & Integration with existing infrastructure and extensibility for future enterprise wireless technologies and requirements

Event Streaming: The value we bring to webcasting and virtual events is a unique ‘all-solutions’ approach — making it THE Virtual Events Provider of choice for some of the world's most demanding, quality conscious organizations. We can cater to the end-to-end webcasting and virtual event initiatives of top organizations from a wide spectrum of fields ranging from publishing, technology, life sciences, government and financial services to FMCGs,

Our professionals have an elaborate trouble shooting mechanism that has the ability to react immediately and positively with creative solutions in any of those rare instances when customers spot any discrepancies that may affect their viewing audiences.

We also provide a host of other solutions targeted for the enterprise vertical viz.

Remote Office Connectivity

Cloud based data centres

M2M /IOT Solutions


Video Surveillance

Asset Tracking etc.

Service Management Solution

Manage service activities in areas like automobile, consumer electronics etc. by connecting customer and service activities.

Improve customer satisfaction, improve turn arounds and monitor your service staff’s performance.

Manage staffing based on data analysis on peak and low time.

Real Estate

Premium high-end apartment complexes have become a common sight in cities and towns these days. It has become a necessity to equip these townships and residential/ commercial complexes with a state of the art converged communications infrastructure. The backbone for such an infrastructure is ideally IP.

  • CDMA
  • 3G
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wi-MAX
  • Broadband
  • International Leased Circuits
  • Triple Play
  • High Speed Internet Leased Lines
  • TV
  • IPTV, Streaming Video. Video on Demand
  • Building Maintenance
  • Surveillance
  • Intercoms

We facilitate the following services for residential complexes and townships:

  • High Speed Internet
  • TV Channels and Internet TV
  • Home Automation
  • In Building Systems for cellular coverage
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Telecom & Intercom

So all the services such as Internet, Telephony, Surveillance, Smart and Connected TV can be deployed over a common IP Platform.

Our Value Proposition

  • Technology Expertise and Domain Knowledge
  • Service Provider agnostic
  • Design and Architecture
  • Blue Print for different Types of Properties
  • Deployment and Maintenance

With our expertise, we become a compelling choice for such projects.

Visitor/Vendor/Employee Management System

Secure your premise with our latest Visitor Management Solutions.

  • Track and manage vendor through service area entries.
  • Register visitor entry digitally in important VIP areas
  • Save bundles of paper storage. Go Green!!
  • Print pass with photo, barcode and details. (optional)
  • Adhesive labels for security to view easily. (optional)
  • Our software Visitor Pad™ V2.2 is customizable with intuitive user friendly interface.
  • Stand alone for a single PC or connect multiple PCs through a server model.

Digital Hiring Form

A solution to easily capture interviewee details in any device and manage interview procedure and activities.

  • Digital form and data capture, so save bundles of paper storage. Go Green!!
  • Capture photo
  • Capture digital signature
  • Admin mode to view and update status and other details after interviews.
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