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Today’s Colleges and universities are being constantly challenged to make information more easily accessible to their students, at their fingertips. This ups the demand for higher uninterrupted and, more reliable Wi-Fi, strong security, wider coverage, and connections that don't drop. They also need Wi-Fi to go to places where no Ethernet cabling has gone before, such as common areas, laboratories, hostels, and every corner of the campus. But for most educational institutions, tighter budgets and busy IT staffs make the transition impossible. Surveillance has also become a necessity within educational campuses as with changing times, parents are very anxious about their child’s wellbeing and security while at the study place

We identify this need and provisions the following:

Campus Wi-Fi

  • Seamless Integration with existing network, if any
  • Highly secure wireless system to support wireless data, voice and video applications
  • Two tier security level via client certificates
  • User Name and Password to be entered, whenever a student Logs in
  • Network Segregation between Students, Visitors, Admin Staffs, Teachers etc
  • Restrict each and every user on speed or bytes transfer or time
  • Provision for Guest Access Accounts
  • In total compliance with DOT’s security regulations Access Log as per the cyber laws demand
  • Conformance to Open Standards

Video Surveillance

Networked Surveillance systems have become mandatory in most public areas today, educational college campuses included. This helps the college administration to keep a check on mischief mongers and anti social elements if any.

Visitor Management System

Secure your campus and students from unwanted visitors.

  • Track and manage vendor through service area entries.
  • Register visitor entry digitally in important VIP areas
  • Save bundles of paper storage. Go Green!!
  • Print pass with photo, barcode and details. (optional)
  • Adhesive labels for security to view easily. (optional)
  • Our software Visitor Pad™ V2.2 is customizable with intuitive user friendly interface.
  • Stand alone for a single PC or connect multiple PCs through a server model.

Lab Management System

Manage all the PCs and processes in your lab by using our state of the art software.

Other Software Solutions we offer

Online Test [i]nteractive System

A solution to conduct excel based tests from instructor’s PC to the students’ PC.

Academic Advice & Planning

A digital counselling solution for councilors to view student’s exam history semester wise and provide a plan to the student to graduate with the chosen Major within the required semester.

Exchange students’ Coaching System

A digital solution for members of the university to plan and coach the exchange students to complete course.


A simple software tool to create websites. For students who would like to earn part-time. Use the tool to easily gather requirements and create websites as articulated by the student’s customers.

I Know U

A digital tracker solution to enroll and manage students in a class by the instructor.

Game based solutions

We can create various game based solutions, for example, to collect data. Currently we offer a game based survey questionnaire to collect data from students. This can be used by instructors for their PhD programs.

Digital Hiring Form

A solution to easily capture interviewee details in any device and manage interview procedure and activities.

  • Digital form and data capture, so save bundles of paper storage. Go Green!!
  • Capture photo
  • Capture digital signature
  • Admin mode to view and update status and other details after interviews.
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